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RGB Halos + Strips

Show off your lights with RGB components featuring dozens of show modes and OEM functionality.

Full Resealing

Fully Resealed with Automotive Butyl  Sealant and Silica Packs for protection against water and condensation.

Lens Etching

Custom lens etching done in house. Your choice of preselected designs or send in your own.

polished Lenses

Get that brand new look with polished lenses using our 2-Step Polishing Process.

Custom Painting

Custom painted housings to your request with high quality clear coat to ensure durability.

1-year Warranty

All of our products comes with a 1-Year Warranty against water damage + condensation.

Single Halo

Our Most Popular Build


BK1: $450 CAD

bK2: $490 CAD

Single Halo + Strip

BlueGhozt Module Enabled

BlueGhozt Module Benefits


BK1: $710 CAD

bK2: $750 CAD

Quad Halo Build

More is better Right?


BK1: $850 CAD

bK2: $890 CAD

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