Head Lights

Lens Etching

Add some more detail to your builds.

Make your head lights stand out by adding custom etched artwork onto your projector lenses! Choose from hundreds of designs or contact us if you want something truly custom. Provide us with your 2 lenses, desired designed and we’ll handle the rest.

$100 CAD

Tail Lights

Audi Mod

Done in 20 minutes or less.

The most popular modification to the OEM BK2 tail lights done for you in a matter of minutes. Guaranteed to modernize your rear end while giving it an aggressive look. Coined the name “Audi Mod” since it mimics newer Audi tail lights. This process involves making a small incision in your tail lights and disconnecting the triangle portion. 

$50 CAD

Triangle as Turn + Quad LED Reverse Module Install

Done in 20 minutes or less.

Take the traditional Audi Mod to the next step with our Triangle as Turn + Quad LED Reverse module. This module makes use of the disconnected triangle portion during the Audi Mod providing you with increased functionality and bright quad LED reverse lights.

$150 CAD


Lens Polishing

Custom work means nothing if you cant see it!

No use having head lights if they are covered with scratches and fading. While it may only appear to effect the appearance of your car, these imperfections can  impact your light output. We offer a 3 stage polishing process to get your lights visually appealing while functioning as intended.

$75 CAD