Custom Head Light Options Explained

Custom Head Light Options Explained

     We get it, all this headlight talk and components can get confusing. In this post, we will be discussing all our head light options available in detail to allow you to make an informed decision before purchasing your custom lights!


Halos are circular or hexagonal LED boards that are fitted around the projector lens. Also sometimes called "Angel Eyes", these are one of our most popular options to provide accents and give your car a more modern look.
We offer two types of Halos, RGB and Switchback
RGB Halos
Addressable color flow technology allows for seamless flowing RGB animations as well as standard solid colors.
Switchback Halos
White DRL (Daytime Running Light) and amber turn signal functions that automatically switch depending on what is actively running.
Halos can come in a variety of shapes, regular circles and hexagonal being our most popular options.
Custom OEM Headlights BK2 (2013-2016) with Dual RGB Halos + Single Bottom RGB Strip options.

High Beam Projector Retrofit

In order to fit Quad RGB Halo and Quad RGB Hex Halo options on OEM head lights, retrofitting a high beam projector is necessary to provide a mounting point for the additional halos. In addition to removing the chrome reflector bowl, these projectors provide a significantly brighter white LED high beam output compared to the stock halogen bulbs. We provide two options for high beam projector retrofits: Morimoto Mini HB Projector or Profile HI-Lens 2.0. The Morimoto Mini HB Projector has a marginally better light output and matches the low-beam projector well. While the Profile HI-Lens 2.0 provides a truly unique design with its multi-lens optic projector design.

Custom OEM Headlights BK2 (2013-2016) with Quad RGB Halos mounted on Mini HB Projectors.

Profile HI-Lens 2.0 High Beam Projectors (not installed).

RGB Strip / Streak

An RGB Strip or Streak is a great way to make your head lights to the next level and make them a show-stopper. Often paired up with a halo, color-flowing animations can flow seamlessly between each component creating an outstanding effect for show modes. With addressable color flow technology, RGB strips allow for flowing RGB animations and standard solid colors.
LightExcel uses only the best high-density RGB color chasing strips with diffused channels, industry-leading LED chips, and double the number of resistors competitors offer to improve reliability.
Custom OEM Headlights BK2 (2013-2016) with the Single Bottom RGB Strip + Dual RGB Halos options.
RGB Streak options are exclusive to RGB Spec-D Headlights BK1 (2010-2012) and have all the same features as our traditional RGB Strips. The difference being is that it is diffused behind the "Streak" portion located along the bottom of the head light.
RGB Spec-D Headlights with the RGB Streak option located along the bottom "Streak" portion.

Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes are bright RGB LEDs that are placed behind the projector lens to illuminate them. Adding these to any build makes the headlights pop by "filling in" the empty unlit space inside the halo. They use their own dedicated Bluetooth app and controller. You can choose any color in the rainbow for these and feature show modes such as fade, strobe, and breathing animations.

Note: These do not replace the bulb inside and do not function as regular bulbs. Demon Eyes are designed to be an additional function for show modes. 

Toronto Maple Leafs etched projector lens illuminated with Demon Eyes set to blue.

Projector Lens Etching

 Etching projector lenses allow you to personalize your lights with custom artwork. Designs are etched using high-grit aluminum media for the best detail. Etching is permanent and will never discolor or fade. With projector lens etchings there is very minimal effect on light output; and no, unfortunately, the etched design will not be projector onto the road (would be cool though). 

We currently offer honeycomb lens etching or your choice of a custom design. The design opportunities are (almost) endless, but due to the limitation of the stencil process, very fine details will not transfer well. Thankfully usually there are workarounds and we will do our best to make your vision come to life.

Note: It is recommended to pair up projector lens etchings with RGB demon eyes to illuminate them while parked and in show modes.

BK2 Projector Lenses etched with custom Joker themed "HAHAHA".

Custom Vinyl Decals

Take personalization further with our custom vinyl decal option available exclusively on Spec-D head lights and tail lights. Your choice of custom design cut out of black, white, or opal holographic vinyl. Placed on the diffused portion of the light, custom vinyl decals provide a unique style that will for sure be the talk of the show.

Similar to projector lens etchings the vinyl design opportunities are (almost) endless, but due to the limitation of the vinyl cutting process, very fine details will not transfer well. Thankfully usually there are workarounds and we will do our best to make your vision come to life.

RGB Spec-D Tail Lights with custom rose vinyl decals.


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