Warranty Policy

Custom lights including head lights, tail lights, and fog lights come with a 1-year warranty that starts on the day the lights are shipped to the customer. We take pride in providing the best warranty around and take numerous preventative steps to reduce the chance of issues occurring. Please read the following sections to understand warranty details.



We take every step possible to ensure a proper seal on our lights and it is extremely rare for continued condensation issues to occur. Our light builds feature additional butyl sealant, breather tube/patches, and silica packs added to ensure the best seal possible.

Our 1-year warranty covers condensation issues for peace of mind, although even with a properly sealed light it can be normal for minor condensation to occur in the first few days. Condensation specifically on the lower portion of the light may happen and is normal upon installation. Continued use of the lights and driving your car will dry out the lights and promote airflow. If the issue does not resolve itself after 2 weeks, please contact us and we will help you out.

Customers must maintain their factory OEM fender liner and avoid heavy washing with a pressure washer. It is also suggested to avoid directly spraying the lights with any type of water directly as the pressure can sometimes cause the seal to fail. Self-attempted or third-party open & resealing will void your condensation warranty with LightExcel. 


RGB & LED Components

LightExcel uses only the best RGB & LED components on the market for reliability and performance. Over the years we continuously perfect our techniques to install components with proper soldering, protection from vibration, and waterproofing.

Color-flowing RGB components can sometimes be temperamental and prone to failure, which is why we offer a 1-year warranty on RGB & LED components. This includes component replacement and labor which many other builders do not offer! Prolonged exposure to heat is the main issue to cause a LED product such as a demon eye, halo, or strip to fail. Our components are specifically made to be mounted inside headlight assemblies, although they are designed to be universal, and some applications may experience more issues than others. Color-flowing RGB components carry a much higher risk of failure when compared to our white/amber switchback components.


Custom Paint

To ensure a proper paint bond all parts are properly prepped including chrome stripping, sanding, plastic adhesion promoter, and primer. When possible, vinyl wrap is sometimes used on flat parts to provide a high-quality gloss black finish.

Our 1-year warranty covers any paint chipping or flaking issues and vinyl peeling. Due to the sealed environment of a headlight, in warmer geographical climates haze on the inside lenses can form over time which is not covered under warranty. If any portion of the main painted headlight housing is directly in front or under the projector, it is possible the painted surface may melt. This is a known issue on Spec-D headlights that Spec-D has not addressed and is not in our control; which is why it is not covered under warranty. This is due to the projector acting as a magnifying glass that concentrates the UV heat below the projector. 


PPF & Tint

LightExcel is not responsible for any damage to PPF or tint films on lights that may occur during the heated opening process. Thicker high-quality PPF rarely have issues although thin tint films can often bubble during the baking process.


Warranty Claim Process

If you are experiencing any issues with your LightExcel product, please contact us and we will help you troubleshoot the issue. If it is unable to be resolved, we will begin the warranty claim process and get you back up and running in no time!

In the case of a warranty claim being approved. The customer will be responsible for the shipping cost via USPS to us and the shipping cost back to them.



If you have any questions concerning our warranty, please contact us at: