Frequently asked questions regarding our products and services.

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How much for custom lights?

We do our best to provide almost all possible options we offer on our website. The best way to figure out how much your custom headlights will cost is to visit one of our product pages and configure your desired options.

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Do you only do Genesis Coupe lights?

Yes, we only do Genesis Coupe lights at this time. We believe in specializing a providing exceptional service in a specific niche. Although we may expand in the future👀

If you need help finding a builder for a different car other than a Genesis Coupe, contact us and we can point you in the right direction. Over the years we have grown our network and found some reputable builders that specialize in other cars.

Whats a halo, demon eye, blueghozt module, etc. ?

We get it, all this headlight talk and components can get confusing.

That's why we have put together a comprehensive post to answer all these questions and more.

(Coming Soon)

Do you offer sponsorships?

At this time we are not offering any sponsorship spots.

What's the process for providing my own lights?

Local Customers

After placing your order customers are welcome to drop off their lights at our location by appointment at 306 Chestnut St W, Whitby, ON L1N 2Y8. If you cannot afford downtime on your car, we can offer loaner lights to use in the meantime (limited availability).

Sending Your Lights In

For customers looking to ship in their own set of lights, there are a few guidelines to follow after placing your order.

  • Lights must be shipped in only by USPS. Never use UPS, FedEx, or Purolator which often results in heavy duty fees which the customer will be responsible for if incurred.

  • Declare package as warranty repair or temporary import. Since we are only going to have your lights temporarily they should not need duties or customs.

  • Make sure lights are packaged carefully! Thick foam and bubble wrap is necessary. Take extra care with mounting tabs and pointy ends which can be prone to poke out of the box and break.

  • Track and insure your package! Protect yourself against possible damage and lost packages. A few extra bucks for peace of mind go a long way.

Shipping Address:
306 Chestnut Street West, Whitby, Ontario L1N 2Y8, Canada

Do your lights come with a warranty?

Custom lights including head lights, tail lights, and fog lights come with a 1-year warranty that starts on the day the lights are shipped to the customer. We take pride in providing the best warranty around and take numerous preventative steps to reduce the chance of issues occurring.

Checkout our warranty policy for further details.

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